Māori Immersion



Kia whakapai nga whawharau a or tātou tupuna

To follow in the footsteps of our ancestors


Te Puna Matauranga is a unique, specialised total immersion Reo Māori unit.

Teaching learning programmes are based on Kaupapa Māori values and principles, and the blending of traditional Māori views of learning and teaching with modern principles and practices.

Over the years, the dedicated effort of parents has seen in grow to what it is today.  It delivers curriculum education through the medium of Te Reo Māori me ona tikanga for students from Year One to Year Eight.

Parents and Caregivers are a very important part of the unit.  Your total commitment and support is absolutely necessary for its smooth function.  Te Puna Matauranga is your taonga.  Keep it nurtured.

It is our strong recommendation that you commit to retaining your child in Te Puna Matauranga until Year Eight.

Entry for 5 year olds will be as follows:

  • Priority 1 - a minimum of two consecutive years at the Kohanga Reo with Pirirakau Whakapapa or with a high degree of proficiency in Te Reo Maori immediately prior to starting school (i.e from age 3-5 years)
  • Priority 2 - Te Puna School zone/Pirirakau boundary
  • Priority 3 - Other

Kohanga Reo management/staff are encouraged to provide written proof of these criteria by way of a certificate or a letter.

Entry for all other students will be at the discretion of the Kaiako

Six monthly forecasts from Pirirakau and/or Tutereinga Kohanga Reo will assist Te Puna Mataurnaga Kaiako in their planning.


  • New students are accepted into Te Puna Matauranga at a prearranged powhiri/whakatau. (Please ensure that Senior Kaiako are given at least three days prior notice).
  • Parents/caregivers are encouranged to take their child to morning sessions in Te Kakano for at least a week prior to his/her starting school as a five year old.  (Please ensure that the classroom Kaiako is given prior notice).


  • From Kura Kaupapa or other total immersion unit will receive first priority of transfer (dependent upon time spent in total immersion)
  • From bilingual unit will be placed on trial for two weeks.
  • From mainstream will not be accepted except at the discretion of the Kaiako.
  • Acceptance will be dependent on vacancies.

Attend Whanau Hui

  • These are generally held at least twice a term.


  • Commitment to paying fees and donations as set out by the school.
    Parent Help

Assistance with parent help and transpor for class trips, camps and other kaupapa.  Those parents who are unable or unavailable to help will be expected to give assistance in other ways.


  • Attendance is important.  Ensure that your child/ren are at school on time.
  • School starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm
  • Notifications of students absence by was of a phone call to school, message via skool loop App or email kaiako or admin@tepuna.school.nz


  • Give learning time at home and assist and support your child with any homework requirements.


  • Your child will build youp a portfolio demonstarting their progress of leanring throughout the year.
  • Portfolios give you an opportunity to share and reinforce your child's learning.


  • Take part in fundraising activities to support Te Puna Matauranga

From time to time special circumstances may require Kaiako to consult with individual parents/caregivers regarding their child.  This will be done in private with the parties concerned and a mutual decision sought that best suits the child.  If necessary approach the syndicate leader followed by the Principal.  The issues may come to the whanau hui, not individual people.

Take every opportunity to learn te reo me ona tikanga.

He taonga te reo Māori mai i nga tupuna.

Please contact the school to make an appointment to meet and discuss enrolment.

Supporters and Sponsors

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